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Discover how easy it is to transform invoice and payment processing with RPA + AI

Can Automated Accounts Payable Revolutionize Your Business?

Vendor Invoice Processing

Companies On Average Spend



Cost to process a single invoice


Days to process a single invoice


Invoices processed 'straight through'


Suppliers submit invoices electronically


Invoice exception rate



Challenges in Accounts Payable

  • Late Payments and Penalties
  • Poor Visibility Into Processes
  • Low Supplier Engagement
  • Costly and Error-Prone Manual Processes
  • Lack of Accurate Reporting

84% of a typical AP professional's time is wasted doing repetitive manual tasks.

The Old Way No Longer Works

Companies need to be agile, adaptive and have the ability to keep their businesses running, no matter what comes their way.


Add More People

Your costs will increase, your error rate will go up, and your employee happiness will go down

All-in-One Systems

You will have to rip and replace your current systems, which takes a long time and costs a lot of money


You will limit your ability to pivot quickly as demand may require by losing control of your processes
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Invoice-to-Pay Guide

Get this Guide on Automating Your Invoice and Payment Processes to drive significant value to your bottom line.

To thrive in these times

You Need To Be Able To





RPA & intelligent document processing for the various document-related processes create operational efficiency and reduce costs.
Automation in the Invoice to Pay area enables a standardized, transparent workflow by automatically triggering necessary approvals and creating an audit log for easy reporting.
Automation audit logs enable prompt, high-quality, and accurate quarterly/annual reports with easy-to-understand Analytics dashboards.

Transform Invoice and Payments with Automation

You need speed, agility and results to keep your business running optimally and efficiently through any business climate.

RPA and Invoice-To-Pay

What is RPA? The digital 'doer' is able to carry out rote, repetitive tasks, and connect information within various systems, such as those in your invoice-to-pay process.
Automating invoice-to-pay with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is simple to deploy and offers extremely high ROI.
A study from McKinsey found that businesses can achieve returns of up to 300% in their first year of running RPA.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation = RPA + AI. Putting these two together ensures your invoice-to-pay process becomes error-free, seamless, and easy on both your business and your employees.
For document processing, Cognitive automation is the flavor of intelligent automation used. Cognitive automation applies artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that imitate the functionality of a human brain.

 on both your business and your new employees


See It In Action

Invoice-to-Pay in action. Automating your processes with your current systems. See how you can gain the same benefits for your company.

Why CFO's Partner with Integrātz for Their AP Automations

Integrātz takes a modular stacking approach to building and implementing your invoice-to-pay processes. Allowing you to always use best-in-class technologies and adapt your process rapidly to changing demands.

End-to-End Processing

From invoicing to payment reporting, Integrātz delivers expert, end-to-end processing designed to simplify your accounts payable and drive measurable dollars to the bottom line.

Hyperstack Automation Framework™

Our framework is set up to let you rapidly build and scale process automations throughout your organization, reducing the costs of automation to stand up and - more importantly - sustain over time. Utilize the benefits of this framework for all of your automated processes.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

The only thing that beats an automated process is having visibility into your automated process. With metrics reporting you'll have access to personalized dashboards that reflect your company's business goals and objectives so you can quickly and easily measure your ROI and gain other insights into your processes.

Mobile App to Control Your Automation

With a full-featured mobile application, you can take your automated invoice-to-pay process with you anywhere you go for better control. Manage and get the latest insights on your automated processes, all from your mobile device.

Features & Add-ons

Get additional add-ons and features, like Vendor Portal for onboarding, the ability to communicate with your vendors, and approvals module for streamlining invoice and payment approvals, and more.
  • Hosted in the Cloud or On-Prem
  • Flexible Pricing Model


Process Invoices for as little as $2 per invoice

Solution implemented 4-8 weeks , fully managed and supported

Invoice Processing Tasks Ready for Automation

Here are some examples of activities that can quickly be added to intelligent automation and start driving value to your team and your bottom line:




  • Vendor set up
  • Data extraction from different invoice vendors
  • Verification and approval actions, escalations and monitoring
  • Account downloads from ledger to AP systems
  • Invoice matching and exceptions
  • Check preparation and handling activities
  • Discrepancy resolution
  • Supplier payment
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Integrātz helps companies to drive value to the bottom line through automation.