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Liberate Your Workforce

Automate costly, time consuming business processes with the Hyperstack Automation Framework™


Identify Golden Processes

Visualize your business processes that drive real value to the bottom line.

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Build Automation Power

Stack process automation to gain quick and sustainable results.

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Run Intelligently

Enjoy consistent results and manage your hybrid workforce with ease.

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Hyperstack Automation Framework™

The easiest and fastest way to stack intelligent automation.

Identify Processes

Choosing the right process to automate will focus you on the highest impact for your organization and confidence you will avoid wasting resources on processes not feasible to automate.

  • Discover high potential processes
  • Document process details
  • Design solution to optimize for intelligent automation

Set expectations and get results.

High-Value Process Mining & Intelligence

Discover and visualize your processes through process mining and process intelligence. Integrātz will help you set in place a framework that will let you continue to identify and validate manual processes for automation;

Get more from your automated processes through Process Intelligence. Monitor in real-time how your digital workforce is performing enabling continuous improvement for driving sustainable value to the bottom line.

Build Automation

Assured you are building a secure, scalable automated workforce with predictable quality results.

The Hyperstack Automation Framework™ ensures consistency to your processes, automation delivery & sustainment.

Bridge the gap between new and existing systems.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA brings efficiency to those processes that are mundane and error-prone – performing tasks at a much greater speed and accuracy.

Integrātz will add RPA to your processes using our Hyperstack Automation Framework™ which will give you quick and sustainable results.

Adding RPA will motivate your team by alleviating them from the headache that is data entry, manual error-prone, reconciliation, and anything else mind-numbing.

This is a good place to begin transforming your business into a well-oiled digital machine and witness exponential savings.

Smart Cognitive Processes
Cognitive, AI and Machine Learning

Implement solutions to those more complex problems. Use visual recognition and machine learning for better, more reliable document processing. In this AI frontier, smarter solutions are more accessible and affordable than ever.

SaaS & On-Prem Automation

Companies don’t always want to keep their automation on-prem – and that’s just fine. RPA-as-a-Service is a great approach to automation. Simple, light, and quick to implement, the SaaS model can get you to your end goal more quickly. You can have the automation built, hosted, and ran for you – all without worrying about infrastructure.


Improve customer experience with interactive, user-centric automations which utilize natural language processing (NLP) and AI learning to not only interpret a customer's intent but to actually perform the back office process necessary to resolve the customer's request.

Hybrid Workforce Analytics

Automating processes and integrating with your human workforce is just ok. Better is having visibility into how your digital workforce is performing and how your human workforce are interacting with automation. At Integrātz we like to ask how are the people getting along with the bots?

To answer this question, strong analytics built specifically to visualize in real-time your hybrid workforce. 

Learn how to build this through Integrātz's Hyperstack Automation Framework™

Run Digital Workforce

Humans + digital robots = hybrid workforce. Run and manage your automated processes enjoying low sustainment costs while freeing your team from heavy workloads and costly errors that damage the bottom line. Assured you can handle any workload with ease.

Managed RPA

To manage RPA you will need to hire a skilled staff of analysts, architects, and developers with skills to keep your automation running which can cost a lot of money. Or you can use Integrātz's Managed RPA service which gives you all of these roles and skills for a fraction of the cost.

Don't let automation costs quickly stack up. Learn how Integrātz will cut your support costs to a fraction of what you pay today.

Train on Intelligent Automation

RPA can be easy – but it requires guidance. Check out our training courses to get your team up to speed on the latest and greatest that RPA has to offer.

Certified by Leaders in Technology


Hyperstack Automation Framework™ Case Studies


Supply Chain Team was taking on new workload while their team was shrinking and needed to reduce processing time from 21 days down to 3 days for updating their SAP ERP systems with updated pricing information.


Enterprise RPA using the Integrātz  Hyperstack Automation Framework™ integrated with the Customer's mail system to identify and read vendor pricing and notifications, SAP ERP systems for automated data entry, approvals,  and pricing updates.


  • Reduced Process Cycle Time by 86%
  • Reduced Manual Labor by 2 FTE
  • Improved Accuracy by 78%


Liberate workforce to focus on revenue-generating initiatives and lower costs to process back-office functions.


Integrātz  Hyperstack Automation Framework™ + Integrātz's RPA SaaS + Cognitive to intelligently recognize vendor invoices, data entry into ERP Systems, manage approvals, and process vendor payments.


  • Reduced Process Cycle Time by 80%
  • Reduced Manual Labor by 1 FTE
  • Improved Accuracy by 70%

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