Purchase Automation Anywhere Software

We help organizations buy the right RPA software that works best for them. We strive to understand your business objectives and goals, the diversity of the platforms available, and how the software is bundled to recommend the right solutions for you. A big difference is that we have streamlined the buying process, making it simple and fast to get up and running.

We Help You To:

  • Identify your license requirements, smart ways to bundle, and understanding service agreements
  • Negotiate price with vendors to get you the best price
  • Procure and deliver the licenses to you
  • Install and configure the RPA Platform and apply licenses
  • Intelligent Automation license management, which includes capacity, tracking licenses across all intelligent automation products

What is Automation Anywhere?

The Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA Platform delivers rapid automation of manual, rules-based, repetitive tasks. It’s been used to automate millions of processes for business and government organizations all over the word to improve productivity, customer experience, and employee job satisfaction.

RPA technology that anyone can use with ease. Enterprise-grade technology with the intuitive experience of a consumer application.

How does Automation Anywhere sell its Software?

Automation Anywhere Enterprise Edition is tailored to small, mid-sized, and large enterprises. Their approach is an ‘all-in-one’ package of features included with the platform.

Typically, what is licensed in Automation Anywhere and how

  • Attended Bot Runner interact with people and are commonly known as robotic desktop automation (RDA) as they share desktops with people. (both named and concurrent apply)
  • Unattended Bot Runner run in the background and are commonly known as software robots used in robotic process automation (RPA). These run on their own based upon a predefined schedule or external triggers.
  • Bot Creator licenses are used by developers and day-to-day operations teams who build and ensure proper functioning of your production automations.
  • Control Room is Automation Anywhere’s web-based management tool for managing bot runners and digital workers, deploying bot runners and digital workers, license capacity tracking and insights into how your digital workers are performing. Control Room is not optional.
  • Insights is Automation Anywheres analytics platform for Bot Runner and Digital Worker insights. This provides you with the visual layer of what your digital workers are doing and how well things are performing.
  • IQ Bot is Automation Anywhere’s version of an OCR/Computer Vision product to read and learn documents like invoices, contracts, etc. IQ Bot is easy to use for training and processing your documents.